• How long will it take to complete the course?

    The course requires an estimated 80 hours of your time. You will have six months to work through the materials. We estimate you need to spend about 2 hours per session, but you are free to spend more or less time if this suits your learning needs. You can finish the course in as little as two weeks if you work every day, but we do recommend taking time to reflect and access additional resources between the modules to ensure better retention.

  • How often should I be accessing the platform?

    You can pace your own learning in an online environment and access the platform as frequently as you like. However, we do not recommend doing the whole module in one go or breaking the session into very small bits. Generally, we would recommend setting aside about two hours each time you access the course and doing a session a day. This way you will have enough interaction with the materials and also some time in between to reflect on the course and access any additional materials.

  • What technology do I need to be able to take part in the course?

    Any computer that can run a web browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer should be sufficient to take part in the course. You do not need to install any specific software. You only need reliable access to the Internet and any common web browser. You might also consider having headphones for the videos.

  • Can I access the course on mobile devises?

    You can access the course through the Moodle application on your tablet or smartphone. You will need to download the free application from your device’s application store. You can use the same login details to access your course on a mobile device.

  • How can I get the login details?

    You will receive login details by email within 1-2 working days from the day we receive the payment for the self-access course. Please do check the spam folder regularly as some emails can go there. If you did not receive the login details within this period, please contact us at TEFL2go@languagelink.ru.

  • I registered on the website and paid for the course but did not receive my login details. What should I do?

    Please check your spam folder first. Sometimes emails from the course go there. If the letter is in your spam folder, please mark the sender as ‘safe’ to avoid this in the future. If you did not receive the login details at all, please contact us at TEFL2go@languagelink.ru.

  • I started the course but cannot complete it due to personal circumstances. Can I postpone the course or get my money back?

    As a rule, the course cannot be postponed and refunds are not offered. Your access to the course should give you enough time to work through materials, even if you are working full time or go on holiday in the middle of it. We therefore expect everyone to be able to complete the course within the time allotted. Exceptions may be granted only if there are significant extenuating circumstances. You need to contact us as soon as your circumstances arise and we will try to negotiate the best way forward.

    If you contact us after the course is completed, you will need to pay again to renew your access to the course.

  • Do I have to follow the order of the Modules from 1 to 7?

    Yes, you must follow the sessions in the order they are provided. You cannot move on in the course unless you have completed all required activities. The course was carefully constructed to build on the knowledge you gain in each session. You can go back to any course materials at any time during your access period. Please keep in mind though that you cannot resubmit assignments. Once you submit an assignment, the results will be recorded in the system and cannot be altered.

  • I want to practice my teaching skills after I’ve completed the course. Can Language Link provide this opportunity?

    Language Link is working on developing a programme that will allow teachers to practice their newly acquired skills with students. We cannot provide details at this moment but expressions of interest can be sent to TEFL2go@languagelink.ru.

  • Can I apply for job at Language Link or any other language school after I’ve completed the course?

    You can find out about the Language Link recruitment on our website. Since there is no teaching practice, this online course alone will not be enough to qualify as a teacher at Language Link. However if you have other training and/or experience, you might be already qualified, so please do check our requirements and contact us if you have any questions.

    For the requirements of other language schools, it is best to consult their websites.

  • Will my TEFL certificate be recognised in schools around the world?

    Each school will have a set of requirements for teachers that may or may not include a TEFL course. While TEFL courses are generally recognised around the world, you need to check directly with the school or schools you are interested in applying to.

  • What kinds of assignments will I have to complete in the course?

    The course contains both practice tasks and assessed activities. Task formats primarily include gap filling, matching, multiple choice, and short answer. For assessed activities you will have 2 or 3 attempts to complete it, with the system recording your best score.

  • If I accidentally submit an assignment, is there any way to undo this?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to return to the task after you’ve submitted it. The platform will prompt you when submitting the task that it will not be accessible afterwards.

  • Is it possible to fail the course?

    It is possible to fail the course if you do not complete all tasks within the time the course is available to you or if you earn a score of less than 60%. Please take the tasks seriously.

  • When will I receive my certificate and how will I get it?

    The PDF certificate will be available for download after you’ve completed the course. It will take the system about 15 minutes to process the course results and the certificate will be available for download. If you need a paper certificate, you will need to arrange a delivery and cover the mailing costs.

  • Will I have access to course materials after I received my certificate?

    The course is available to you for six months after you gain access. You will have access to the course after completion if it is within the six months access time. You will not, however, be able to change the results you achieved, as the tasks cannot be re-submitted.